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[CotC] Report day 9 (Military)
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Dear readers,
I hereby present you the 1st report of the Children of the Citadel (CotC) .
For those who don’t know us we are a private MU, one of the oldest in the server and the 1st one created in the Serbian region of Kosovo-i-Metohija. We are built over the values of loyalty, honor and friendship and ever since the first day of the server we created powerful bonds with our brothers from Serbia

Serbia has invaded Albania and Kosovo-i-Metohija, a campaign where we witnessed several battles, some of them reaching big amounts of damage.
We are proud that CotC can be seen in the top damage in those battles.

Hail Serbia!
Hail CotC!

MU News

First of all, congratulations Sub Zero ! Our newest Lieutenant!
Welcome to the team of officials! o/

Secondly, our commune system is now finally over. We now own the means to create our own Q1 weapons and Q5 gifts. By working in our commune you can get a salary of 50 Q1 weapons and 5 Q5 gifts.
With our remaining funds we upgraded our MU rank to veteran, so our members will enjoy a nice extra 15% damage in our BO battles.

Lastly, we want to let everyone know that we are still recruiting, our only requisites are paying a 25g fee, follow our orders and be to active.

NueveOcho, CotC Commander

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Favourite browsers (Fun)

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Pollo here, pollo there, pollos are everywhere..

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respect and good luck !

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