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Breaking news! (Political)
Posted 5 years ago by
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hello Ladies and Gentlemen
The e-Sim Ministry of Economy and Finance announces novelty in merging process between servers: Europa and Primera. According to the new reform constituted on yesterday Government’s Meeting:

Players will be able to transfer all BOUGHT GOLD, and also GOLD FROM INVITED PLAYERS to Primera server-when the time will come.

What’s your opinion on it? Will it bring any changes? Let us know in comments

e-Sim Team

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Comments (185)
19-07-2015 12:02:17
(5 years ago)


16-07-2015 14:19:14
(5 years ago)


15-07-2015 18:24:43
(5 years ago)


12-07-2015 19:06:55
(5 years ago)


10-07-2015 10:01:39
(5 years ago)

Thanks for the news

09-07-2015 20:06:11
(5 years ago)


08-07-2015 17:36:33
(5 years ago)

So if i you 1000 gold and use all of it in here, will I get 1000 gold into primera still?

Or is it just that max amount that you can transfer that is based on how much you buy? I got maybe 100 from my invites so far, so I should then aim to have 100 spare gold at the merge?

07-07-2015 18:16:31
(5 years ago)

Merge Primera into Us not Us into primera!!

04-07-2015 16:33:09
(5 years ago)

I think you should clarify some points about this new "transfer gold from invited players"
1. Gold from invited referals who got banned can not be transfered
2. Gold from inactive referals can not be transfered
3. Only 50% of the gold not 100%
4. What happens if the sum of the referal gold is 300 and u have only 200 in your account at the moment of merge
5. What happens if the sum of the referal gold is 300 and u have 400 in your account at the moment of merge
6. Does this affect real money withdrawal?

04-07-2015 13:05:26
(5 years ago)

[suggestion] Taxes on contracts (Economical)

I just made a suggestion on improving the game, check it out and tell me what you think.

04-07-2015 12:08:34
(5 years ago)

Guys we got no voice in E-Sim basically don't even try

04-07-2015 11:28:29
(5 years ago)

Misija #40

04-07-2015 10:55:41
(5 years ago)


04-07-2015 10:52:30
(5 years ago)

Like Fantasmagor already said, please stand you ground and tell us which way you wanna go?
Can we use our Time and it will be merged or is it just another Server been activ for some months and it will stay a single server after 180days?

04-07-2015 10:41:50
(5 years ago)

yes merge it we do not want too many servers just we need new players on old one.

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