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The Staff News (Political)
Posted 5 years ago by

Hello dear citizens,
Welcome to the europa server!

Our support channel is : #e-sim.europe.support

We want to inform you that we are looking for new game operators, and have opened up GO applications!

This is the official rule for the staff members:

~Moderators are STRICTLY NOT allowed to share any confidential data which includes: e-mails, IPs, Cookies, Hosts etc.
~Moderators are STRICTLY not allowed to share any information about the moderation system and the tools available.
~Moderators shouldn't share their job and any other colleagues jobs/position.
~Moderators should respond to messages in mannered way (in-game, IRC).
~Moderators are NOT allowed ever swear or insult any citizen.
~Moderators should be active on IRC.
~Moderators should always respond to players appeals.
~Moderators are NOT allowed to share any information about the reports (who reported the player/article/comment/shout or the reasons)
~Moderators are NOT ALLOWED to share any information about game development. (or the test sever)
~Moderators are NOT ALLOWED to have any significant ingame office (like presidential seat, alliance leader)

Things to remember:
- Board staff requires to be at least 16 years of age due to legal issues.
- Please attempt to make your application interesting, clear and of decent length, just as you would for any job application.
- You must be proficient in written English.We communicate in English, and there is no exception to this rule.
- You must be able to work in a team.
- You need to be friendly and helpful. These duties are voluntary but it does not mean it can be done without care.
- To be respectful of all members, each other, and the administration of e-sim and to represent it with professionalism, even though we are all volunteers.
- -To understand that not all decisions are open for group discussion because input arrives from many sources, some of which require privacy and confidentiality.
- Once you become GO, you will not be able to take significant role in your country or alliance.
- You need to be experienced and know about the rules and mechanics of the game.
- You need to be accessible. You need to have some free time and to check support channel at least a few times a day.

If you are a helpful person who is knowledgeable about the game and have good communication skill in English then consider applying. If you still think you are up for the position, feel free to fill in the form here .

The review process takes time, so please do not message us about the progress of your application.
We will do our best to process your application quickly, and will inform you upon receipt.(Accepted candidates will be contacted in game.)

Thank you for your time and we wish you good luck.

The e-Sim team.

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