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Game suggestion and Syriana SC annoncement (Economical)
Posted 4 years ago by

i will put 2 article in one
why we don't have 2 step trade . the reason is trading gears . we cant trade gear for gear now .
1st player make a contract and put the gear and send it to player B .
the player B get the contract put his gear and click at approve . but the trade is not done yet .
now player A get a note and he see the contract again and look what gear did the player B add and if it is same gear they talk about. if so he can click approve and then trade will be done
alot of reason for that maybe the players dont have the real value of the gear in gold . maybe one player take the gear for gold and stop not selling his gear .
does it look good or bad idea


now Syriana SC part

we did perform share split to make the price more easy to approach . that make the share price is 5 Gold and this offer will be till the end of day 21 .

our sells are done in normal way throw the market . everything is clear

we didn't Pay dividend in past 3 days as i say in the past article the goal is to upgrade companies 1st get the share value over 5
the over all value did rise from 999.32 Gold to 1278.97 Gold in 3 days

day 16 share close at 5
day 17 close at 5.38 with 7.6 % rise
day 18 close at 5.77 (after spliting2.885) with 7.25 % rise
day 19 close at 2.95 with 2.25 % rise
day 20 close at 3.13 with 6.1 % rise

note the reason i say founders cant ask for Pay dividend soon in the past article is to protect new shareholder

Syriana SC
first SC Founded in UK ( and the only one now )
12th SC founded in Europa
7 largest SC
5% of total SC Market
and we are growing

V + S is cool you know

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Comments (3)
12-07-2015 12:48:56
(4 years ago)

you cant trade gear for gear on same contract .
now you have to give your gear for money or item . then the other player send a new contract for his gear .

12-07-2015 12:38:43
(4 years ago)

You can already trade equipment through contract

12-07-2015 4:45:20
(4 years ago)

knowayst sat tayre

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