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Children of the Citadel manifesto (Military)
Posted 5 years ago by

Dear readers,
I present you the manifesto of Children of the Citadel (CotC), Kosovo’s oldest and most powerful MU. We are a private MU, we will fight for our ideals:
Our ultimate goal is the benefit of Kosovo, we will fight for what’s best for our country, we will chose our allies (and enemies) using the head, not the heart and support them when needed. As mentioned, our MU is private, so we will not follow the government instructions if we consider they will be harmful for Kosovo.

The chain of command follows this structure:
Commander: Plato (NueveOcho)
Second Commander: Haile Selasije
Captains: AkasunaBogOtac , Head Hunnter and Techa

We have our own avatar frames, which we encourage our players to wear.
Design 1
Design 2
Design 3

We have an official IRC channel: #CotC @rizon

The MU commune are being created atm, in a few weeks we’ll have all ready.

Some baseless propaganda states we are Serbian PTOers (funny, all these years I thought I was Spaniard and now I discover I’m Serbian) and we want to give Kosovo to their rightful owners. This information is not just false, but an attempt to discredit our MU and ideals.
You may check our ideals once again, we will fight for our allies and Kosovo. Our allies are not yet chosen, but we are open to have a good friendship and cooperation with Serbia if it will be mutually beneficial.

Hail CotC

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Comments (13)
04-07-2015 13:31:22
(5 years ago)


26-06-2015 23:38:34
(5 years ago)


24-06-2015 21:30:05
(5 years ago)

grow up guys!
you guys is yugoslavia

24-06-2015 18:13:07
(5 years ago)


24-06-2015 17:16:54
(5 years ago)


24-06-2015 12:52:11
(5 years ago)

So leading Kosovo's most powerful MU makes Kosovo weak... Your IQ has only one digit right?

24-06-2015 12:43:28
(5 years ago)

Your presence makes Kosovo weak
when we will be under attack you will probably start CW,
That's your real reason why you're here
just because we will not allow you to be a dictator and Kosovo to turn into a private country
but do not worry, I know what I will do if that happen

24-06-2015 12:35:54
(5 years ago)

I'll make Kosovo powerful, even if I need to start a CW to overthrow an incompetent CP (such as yourself)

24-06-2015 12:12:56
(5 years ago)

you are younger than me
we can see from this example, you don't know what is international law,
well there is still time you will learn

do you know what is the UN? obviously not
you are just a victim of Serbian propaganda and hatred

We do not know whether you are going to leave Kosovo to Serbia, but I am sure that we will soon find out, I asked you will you defend Kosovo you said, ''I will start CW''

24-06-2015 10:18:41
(5 years ago)


I see you're trying to hide your true goals, recently you had on your profile account that Kosovo is Serbia region

Well, is a Serbian region kiddo
Also, what if I like Serbia? Does that mean I'll hand Kosovo to them without resistance? I'm pretty sure it doesn't

24-06-2015 9:35:36
(5 years ago)


I see you're trying to hide your true goals, recently you had on your profile account that Kosovo is Serbia region

24-06-2015 9:30:56
(5 years ago)

...but you are Serbian puppet. There are countless evidence.

Can you show us some evidence?
Else is an empty statement

24-06-2015 8:44:56
(5 years ago)

say you're not a Serb but say that Kosovo is Serbia,
except that it is fascism is also very harmful for Kosovo
you are not RL Serb but you are Serbian puppet. There are countless evidence.

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