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e-Sim IOS app available on App Store! (Political)
Posted 5 years ago by
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Hello players,
here are the daily news from e-Sim Office. Don’t miss it!

Now please let's all take a moment and test IOS app today in memory of lost social life of our dev. You will find the App here: CLICK

Regarding to releasing IOS app, we are opening fundraising for further improvements. Gathered money will be spend on among others adding monetary market, military units order, missions, writing messages/ shouts, better traveling. For anyone who would like to support this goal, here is the link: CLICK

In the meantime, thank you so much for your attention and participation. High five!
e-Sim Team

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Comments (28)
27-07-2015 19:27:42
(5 years ago)

Тут такое дело, задание все дела

22-07-2015 9:21:34
(5 years ago)

Good :-)

22-07-2015 1:00:53
(5 years ago)


22-07-2015 0:22:25
(5 years ago)

я не знаю что тут написано , но у меня задание дать коммент

21-07-2015 23:38:48
(5 years ago)


21-07-2015 22:02:08
(5 years ago)


21-07-2015 18:12:53
(5 years ago)

Vote for Cool Art

21-07-2015 14:39:29
(5 years ago)


21-07-2015 9:09:24
(5 years ago)


21-07-2015 0:54:24
(5 years ago)

i can't log in to the app cause my name has an "_" and my table doesn't support that character :/

help me please someone

20-07-2015 14:13:33
(5 years ago)

turkish lang. and europa server are not available ??

20-07-2015 12:53:57
(5 years ago)

Can we bring it to the Play Store..?

20-07-2015 11:17:41
(5 years ago)

17 cm.... If u know what i mean

20-07-2015 10:48:37
(5 years ago)

Renchi, tim12: Europa server will be available when the app store will update the data. Hope it will be soon!

20-07-2015 10:43:55
(5 years ago)


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