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Ultimate Guide to Become a Media Mogul (Political)
Posted 4 years ago by

Dear readers,

I have been playing this game since the beginning, and I have always paid attention to the international media. I have seen people become Media Mogul and I know what it takes to achieve this. Below, I will share some awesome tips about what kind of articles you should be writing to guarantee you will reach the 100 subscribers.

1. Suggestions

Thinking about awesome features that should be added to the game is not hard. The more awesome your ideas are, the more subscribers you will get.

For example:
- implement 3D FPS battles
- Q1 - Q50 products
- colored text in articles

Important note: Do NOT care about how hard the idea is to program and implement to the game! It probably will not ever be implemented, but that doesn't matter, your subs does.

2. Epic Fail / Thank you allies!

Take some quick screenshots of an epic battle and...

a) Tell the world how poor your enemy was: EPIC FAIL
b) Thank your allies for their help

Bonus point: Do NOT use proper English, most people won't understand you!

3. Statistics

Just navigate yourself to the Statistics page and copy/paste some stats. If you want to go even further, create some ugly graphs and add that as well.

Bonus tip: If you're hardcore, and even want to spend some time writing the article, find some stats that can't be found ingame.

Using these tips will probably get you an MM medal in a very small amount of time. Use them wisely and you will even be a respected citizen without even doing something!

If you found my tutorial useful, feel free to vote and sub.

Best wishes,
sarcasm off

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Comments (9)
29-07-2015 18:41:21
(4 years ago)

Its true lol

29-07-2015 16:17:17
(4 years ago)

be Press Director or be popular on other server XD

29-07-2015 9:51:53
(4 years ago)

Berlusconi approves

29-07-2015 7:26:10
(4 years ago)

put naked woman in your article and get subs xD

29-07-2015 4:02:33
(4 years ago)

Thank you for the information, man.

28-07-2015 16:07:58
(4 years ago)


28-07-2015 13:44:57
(4 years ago)

mintha értenél hozzá plííz

28-07-2015 13:18:10
(4 years ago)

I have media mogul medal since day3.... And i have the hardest newspaper achievment too.

28-07-2015 0:37:46
(4 years ago)

Az elsÅ‘ Dexkill-nél bevált. Minden hülyeséget kitalál a cikkeibe és rengeteg feliratkozót szerez.

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