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New Denmark Government (Political)
Posted 4 years ago by
Denmark Org    

After a long power struggle, today we announce the new Danish Government and our plans for the future. Please be informed that we are doing our best for the good of the country and its players.

President: Caulerpa

Political Roles

Thats right we are currently working on getting a cabinet together. We are a small country and so we only need a Vice President for now. Due to all the racial tension all this while I have come up with an idea to reduce tension.

We will have 2 vCP's, 1 Danish and another Turkish. Each vCP will act similarly to the consuls of Ancient Rome. Both vCPs will have VETO power over the other and will both run 1 newly founded ORG(Ministry of Defense).

The MoD will basically run the national MU and its commune system. The MoD will also be incharge of helping new citizens with supplies and battle orders.

If anyone who has Danish CS is interested please fill up the form here .

Foreign Affairs

You will hear about this in an official article soon enough. We will be joining AFN alliance. We will fight along side these countries:

Countries in Red are our allies whereas we are the one in Orange. Please help and fight for our allies in their battles when ever possible.

Citizen Development

We are working on developing a national MU to boost our citizens to elite fighting machines. We will eventually start giving out supplies to fighter so that we can better help our allies.

For now everyone interested in join the military program please PM Denmark Org .

Economical SkillSalarySupply
8x Q5
10x Q5 10x Q1
10x Q5 15x Q1

Thats basically it for today. Tomorrow we will be disclosing some of the theivery done by the past CP
wave510 and our attempts to get the gold back.

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Comments (3)
08-08-2015 6:49:59
(4 years ago)

Black was vCP, you think only guy had acces? And everyone already knows, yes i had multies, but i didnt steal from ORG.
And no that picture isnt public domain.
And you are thieves too, just admit it. We also have screens of the logs.

And dont say you fight for Denmarks interest, when you only hit for gold.

08-08-2015 3:40:21
(4 years ago)

Sorry to break it to you wave510 but that picture is public domain, just like many other pictures on the internet.

You were president and you had storage access to the MU and you could change the ORG password but never did any of this. Sorry but your lies aren't convincing.

I am posting Donation Logs soon enough so we will see who the real thieves are.

07-08-2015 21:23:19
(4 years ago)

I personally never took anything from ORG, it was BLACK who sent gold to our MU, i took this much - 0. And you are using my pictures without my permission, pay me 1000g now.

And let us also discuss how you have stealen from Org.

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