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Commune system (Political)
Posted 4 years ago by
Austria Org    


I'm here to announce the commune system and explain all the issues.

We was waiting until ES reach 6 to start some commune to give "decent" supplies. Here we are.

To join commune you need:

- To be in a Austrian Military Unit, hitting for Austria and it's allies,
- Be active and hit daily. Those not active will be kicked from commune, just warning.

We decided something to make even easier to receive your supplies. As some guys aren't all that active in IRC to ask, and we don't have 24/7 available people to distribute, we'll give the supplies to the military unit and the military unit will distribute to their guys.

I need all the Austrian MU leaders to comment this article sayin' how many guys are working for commune in their MU, daily we'll send the supplies direct to the MU and you'll all will receive daily.

Daily commune supplies are:

ES 5 or less - 10 q5 foods and 30 q1 weapons.
ES 6 or more - 10 q5 foods and 50 q1 weapons.

And yes, we'll send full supplies time by time. But deal with this all without taxes will be hard at the moment. So the Austrian Government, to keep this benefits to all members always, ask you to donate golds when you can. When we have events? Try to donate 5g from the medal, we don't ask your BHs. When we give full supplies, we'll ask half of the BH of the member who received (if he/she get it ofc) to keep things alive.

Our commune system is self sufficient, so we'll not have troubles.

Any question? PM me, or comment here! All the doubts will be erased.

At ur service,

Matthew Cruise

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