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E-SIM – the game of connections, not the source of outrage (Political)
Posted 4 years ago by

I‘m saying good day for all the players of e-sim Europa server. A Few past days I was observing the situation of server and one more time made conclusion that the real world‘s phenomena works here, in game. With every new conflict in game between different countries we can see a lot of offending comments, articles, shouts. (example: http://europa.e-sim.org/article.html?id=4045 ). But what is a „conflict“ here? Unlike in real world, we must have constant war situations here in order to stimulate game and not let it die – they let maintain economy and game‘s social life.

What I see as the best aspect of e-sim game?

I started playing this kind of browser games almost 4 years before, you probably know where, there is no need to tell that. I‘m not the big fan of traditional browser games, but e-sim-like simulator is a perfect place to develop various kind of skills – language, social interaction, strategical thinking. These are main reasons I‘m still here, playing this game, which sometimes might look a bit ugly to the newcomer due to its primitive design.

The main message I‘d like to broadcast

Virtual community as the e-sim doesn‘t give one privilege to do everything they want that might offend other players and their nationalities, religions, ethnicity. Treat your enemy as the oponent and interact honestly. The fact he tries to conquer your country should give you motivation, but not frustration which leads to insults related to the real life.
Sorry for distracting and taking some time from you, but this seems important for me, therefore I‘d like you to share this message with others. Hope you agree and won't judge me because of lecture-like tone.

Thank you!


P.S. the fact I'm publishing in Turkey does not have anything in common with content of this article.

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ha lul tru

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Timur smiles upon this message

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Thats true.

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