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Congress Elections (Political)
Posted 4 years ago by

The time has come for congress elections. I will be standing for The Little Girls Party, and I hope that we can have an active congress that allows us to become one of the best congress' in the word.

I am standing on the following principles:

* As MoFA, having access to congress means I can help make laws and vote on them.
* I will promote activity and help keep the UK on the straight and narrow.
* I will push for more contact between congress and government, and government and the public.

I will also listen to the people, and take on board what you say.

*** On a separate issue ***

law7441 has been telling people that I am getting people into The Little Girls Party just to get Presidential votes. When he was saying this, I was not planning on going for President, and I am not planning on going for President at this moment in time. If I know that Sophie is going for it, then I will not go for it. However, if she is not going for it, then I will review the candidates standing in the election and decide whether to put my allegiance behind an existing candidate, or whether I will stand for it myself. I am currently exploring my options and trying to secure an ex-CP as our new President if Sophie does not go for it.

So just to repeat I will not stand against Sophie, but if she decides she does not want to stand, I will review my options.

tommy1boy - Minister of Foreign Affairs and Leader of The Little Girls Party

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Comments (3)
22-09-2015 19:33:06
(4 years ago)

You aren't neutral at all

22-09-2015 17:30:07
(4 years ago)

Pfft you wish Ireland, stop causing crap we are pretty neutral right now.

21-09-2015 20:09:44
(4 years ago)

tommy for cp?
Uk would get wiped by ireland

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