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Reason: Using nicks of others without permission

Skycooler the thief (Political)
Posted 2 years ago by

Hello world, today i will speak about the Ireland president and how he steal/ why how he should be banned !

So as you know ... is the president of ireland, before it he was on Greece and before on Portugal and today i will show to the world a nice reason for he get banned, so if you are an GO or SGO, please ban him for that!
If you now enjoy the article and try speak with a GO or SGO as well

Well, as you know or if you dont know, few days ago a player got banned for 1900 gold debd (multis and miniuns) his name was cenoura

What GOs and SGOs dint saw is that he had a SC with another person, witch is ....

Now, what happen if we go to that SC page and click on regist button ?

Well i will show you where those 1900 gold multies and miniuns debds gone:

Direct link

Direct link

Direct link

Direct link

Direct link

Direct link

Have fun and i hope you V and S for a faster global and ofc share with GO`s and SGO`s for a faster ban

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Comments (30)
05-10-2015 5:13:34
(2 years ago)

05-10-2015 0:42:46
(2 years ago)

Report that guy
He is a big thief and noob
Ban him

04-10-2015 12:55:56
(2 years ago)

Skycooler the thief

04-10-2015 11:03:19
(2 years ago)

misija 40

04-10-2015 9:04:13
(2 years ago)

good job skycooler \o/

04-10-2015 2:17:18
(2 years ago)

something tha i have seen with SC is a guy bought 1 O N E share in company,
almost everyone else inactive or red lined.

he voted himself manager then when SC ceo red lined he quick vote him up to CEO.

He 5,000,000 gollds richer . done deal.

04-10-2015 1:15:37
(2 years ago)


04-10-2015 0:12:48
(1 hour ago)

Get a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or go to school -.-


Srsly Voluri stop making a fool out of yourself.

04-10-2015 0:12:48
(2 years ago)

Get a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or go to school -.-

03-10-2015 22:41:58
(2 years ago)

Master <3

03-10-2015 22:05:42
(2 years ago)

Skycooler is my referral, i know how much golds he earns (as i get ref golds $$$) so stop crying!!!

03-10-2015 17:16:55
(2 years ago)

I don't see how this proves he is a thief exactly, it proves he bought stock in a company and shows he's active with it. But it doesn't show any link between him and that other account other than a stock corporation, which if you haven't noticed, there are a lot of.

Show me real proof and I will be inclined to agree with you, until then, don't try getting someone banned simply because you have personal issues with them

03-10-2015 16:12:53
(2 years ago)

Skycooler the thief

03-10-2015 15:56:42
(2 years ago)

He is the only shareholder within the company, concura is banned and everything within that stock company is left to... guess who skycooler . So he can do whatever the heck he wants with this stock company, take the companies, sell it of, raise prices or anyways. it is his now and what he is doing is not against the rules.

Way to go wasting all this time in your life to attempt to prove someone bad when they are not. you guys are all funny doing this. fool get over it.

03-10-2015 14:13:15
(2 years ago)

bye bye account skycooler

03-10-2015 13:19:30
(2 years ago)

+1 White Nigga

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