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Posted 4 years ago by

Hello dear players,
Today I would like to present my own review about the new updates,
that we'll see on coming Monday, October 12th.

The first update: Coalitions. Generally, I think it's a nice idea, and I hope the presidents will see the potential of it, becuase it's much more comfortable than today's alliance options. I'm waiting to see how it will effect our game.

My personal rate from 1 (awful) to 10 (incredible): 7

The second update is the new sets of equipment. Honestly I don't like this one, I think it's a big waste of time because 3 new sets mean 8 kinds of equipment X 6 qualities X 3 sets, giving a result of 144 new pieces. Why?

The sets divided to "funny set" (who really cares? we just want to fight) "future set" (bitch please) and "Post Apocalyptic set" (-.-)

My personal rate from 1 (awful) to 10 (incredible): 4

The third update is Rebel Week. Seems to be nice, i'm waiting to experiance it.
Sailor's Week has been successful, so we will look forward on that one.

My personal rate from 1 (awful) to 10 (incredible): 7

The fourth update is Premium Account Messages. Very nice update.
I like the option of checking if your message has been read, It's very useful.
And the graphic is good as well. Absolutely a good job has been done by developers.

My personal rate from 1 (awful) to 10 (incredible): 9

The fifth update is Personal Notifications. I really like this one, also as a journalist and also as a politician I think this is very important for active players, to know when their name is officialy mentioned.

Grammar mistake: in his shout / in his comment.
Suggestion: Comment of what? an article or a shout?

My personal rate from 1 (awful) to 10 (incredible): 10

The sixth update is Mass Salary, kind of small update, useful for company managers.
It's only available for premium account, which makes it to a small update who will be used by small amount of active players.
It's okay, just make it accessible for everyone.

My personal rate from 1 (awful) to 10 (incredible): 6

Click here to view all the information about the coming updates and all the pictures from my article is thier regular size.

Summary: Category Rate 1-10
Coalitions 7
New sets 4
Rebel Week 7
Premium Messages 9
Personal Notifications 10
Mass Salary 6

What's your rate? Comment now.
After commenting, don't forget to vote!


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Comments (11)
11-10-2015 9:09:45
(4 years ago)

Kolmainsus -> +1
By adding a lot of new "bad" stats that set prices up. Do you know what that means? Weak people will stay weak + a lot of them will quit.
If my opinion if you want to add some new stats to game , like use less weapons... they you have to add new equips, like Rings etc. And these new equips have abilities like "use less wep" itc, then you will keep equip prices stabilty
Oeh my bad english, but i hope you understood what i mean

Best wishes,


10-10-2015 22:28:55
(4 years ago)


10-10-2015 20:49:31
(4 years ago)

lol didnt they have someone else able for this article ? anyway good job gilads

10-10-2015 13:27:43
(4 years ago)

In Testura server the new already came some time ago and none of the top players use the new stats in their sets ... Testura isn't a regular server but shows the truth.

Hit and strength stats should disappear then or we will have 5 bad stats( the 2 new, hit, str and flight) vs 2 middle stats (miss and dmg) and 3 good ones. This would make it really expensive to merge yourself good stats = old players would be the big winners and new players the big losers by this. You should atleast wait until europa+primera merge with this or not apply it to europa. Who actually wants to chance lets say crit to find weapond stats in their Q5/Q6 set? Definetely not me, so I must pay some old players 2 times more than before to buy some Q6 equip with crit/avoid/max combo. I have quit this game before and I am 90% sure I will quit again after primera+europa merge if those 2 new stats are added without deleting 2 of these stats hit/str/flight. I am definetely not the only one whom this forces to quit.

10-10-2015 3:00:51
(4 years ago)

Only in this game Israeli and Serb people are the most "influential" people... (Admins, GOs, most influential writer, etc.)

Anyway... I like the updates in general, but I don't like the new set update. I like the new designs, but I refuse to like the new stats, they're horrible and have nothing to do with anything...

Updates excluding equipment update : 9/10
Updates including equipment update : 6/10

10-10-2015 1:52:16
(4 years ago)

Same article than nevo..
Just 1 extra table and it's your article xD

09-10-2015 22:29:39
(4 years ago)

Love the Coalition and Mass Salary. Can't wait

09-10-2015 21:13:30
(4 years ago)


09-10-2015 19:09:28
(4 years ago)

E-sim team has chosen gilads to write an article Very great joke

09-10-2015 18:18:00
(4 years ago)

new sets with those new parameters are just wtf-lol ...

09-10-2015 17:48:01
(4 years ago)

Mass Salary: 10

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