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The UK Multi Scandal (Bigger than VW Emissions?) (Political)
Posted 5 years ago by

Should those who are proved to have multiple accounts, no matter who they are, be brought to justice?
United Kingdom
100.0 % Yes
0.0 % No
Total votes: 10

All credit to finding the multis goes to Dams and Tyuz . And before anyone says, I have independantly looked at the accounts and I agree that they could be mulits

In this article I want to show to the UK some possible multi accounts, and reasons why we believe they are multis.

Scar For Life

Phoniex Industry Gift

blueyed hunter
Silver angel


Same working patterns

Same sort of shouts

United Kingdom Org

Q5 Gift

Emperor Valex


No equipment yet been around for a long time

Got 1 GBP Wage

Similar working patterns

These are clearly multis and should be banned. I am most disappointed to see multis in the UK Org.

I have recently been in contact with the President of the United Kingdom, and he had this to say:

If there are multis in UK org, I'll be happy if you'll tell me with evidence before posting the article.

I can also report he has voluntarily contacted a member of the support staff to see if anything can be done to find out who actually made these multis. I can only praise him for these actions.

Finally, I have been speaking to a concerned UK citizen and he had this to say

I find it annoying that people have to ruin it for everyone else just so they can benefit.

When questioned on whether the guilty parties should be brought to justice, he had a simple answer.


I will keep you all updated on the multi situation and I hope that the people involved are brought to justice once and for all.


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Comments (20)
14-10-2015 3:47:15
(5 years ago)


Current Europaa population 39 Time 03:30:38, 14-10-2015
day 115 Game clock.. approximately...

Of the 42000 players who started this server ,How many multi accounts were there that we the 39 players on line , now, competed against?

In life it can be ike that ,people doing all manner of things to survive or thrive ,very few start out with an intention to self annhilate. Multies that are noobies at it bring no experience to the game and are basically great scapegoats for the adept.
I am fairly certain that they exist in every country and it comes as no shock that some exist in the UK. The Spanish inquisition and Hitlers Youth should have taught the entire world a lesson, an enduring lesson.
Europa and Oriental were experiments yet , i have already seen this on other games that i played for over a decade. To me , it is a Symptom that propagates itself over time to a Syndrome.

14-10-2015 3:03:51
(5 years ago)

There seems to be no end to finding multies , Let me ask what good does it do after the fact?
Not all multies are created equal. There are various levels to multies as are there levels of techniques.

Honestly there seems to be no distinction yet it can be simplified by the idea of noob players trying their hand at developing a multi.

The players who are good at making multies and have a vast repitoire of skill sets have already done far more damage to the game and the other players . Some may even have helped other players along the way with the proceedings from their multies , entirely unbeknownst to the player involved. so , while i often have a strong sense of a multi player i find them to be unregulated by a coherent oversight .

Perhaps this is the reason my application for GO has never seen even a polite reply. There may be something called too much experience .Many of us find playing with , for and against multies a bit of a challenge... How about you?

13-10-2015 22:36:44
(5 years ago)

As member of the UK Gov, I would like to give the opportunity of the right of reply to:

13-10-2015 21:24:02
(5 years ago)

Yes yes yes i want to feel more butthurt!

13-10-2015 21:23:50
(5 years ago)

scandal ! GG UK !

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