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Škoda Auto Motor Show (Fun)
Posted 4 years ago by

Hello guys!

Welcome to the:

Why am I doing Skoda auto motor show ? It isn't an ADVERTISEMENT! It's because Skoda auto is my favorite car brand. So lets see a few cars!

Škoda Octavia RS

Škoda Octavia

Škoda Rapid

Škoda Yeti

Škoda Fabia

Škoda Fabia combi

Škoda Superb

Škoda Superb combi

Škoda Snowman


Škoda Vision D

just vision

I hope you enjoyed it

Thanks for reading!


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Comments (8)
15-10-2015 4:19:15
(4 years ago)


14-10-2015 23:58:24
(4 years ago)

Hrozne se mi libil Vision C. Je strasna skoda ze to nevyrabi,chapu ze skodovka je spis na rodinna auta,ale ten Vision byl sportak jak cyp To mi netvrdte ze by se to neprodavalo.

14-10-2015 22:45:07
(4 years ago)

ty se musíš asi fakt nudit co?

14-10-2015 22:32:00
(4 years ago)

Very good deutsch car company

14-10-2015 22:25:23
(4 years ago)

Yes, great car company and great cars.

Jop, a pracuje tam můj taťka :-)

14-10-2015 20:58:24
(4 years ago)

Missing škoda felicia

14-10-2015 20:32:42
(4 years ago)

Hail Škoda Yeti

14-10-2015 20:19:20
(4 years ago)

Camaro <3

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