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#PrayForParis (Political)
Posted 4 years ago by

Paris has been rocked by yet another terrorist attack. At least 128 innocent civilians, going about their Friday night as normal, killed by a group of heinous terrorists.

These people do not represent any race or religion. Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing. The people of the Free World will find you and finish you off.

The British people stand behind the French people, and will do until the end of time.

For Liberté, égalité and fraternité


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14-11-2015 22:16:48
(4 years ago)

If you have read the Quran, they are taking it literary. They are killing those they consider infidels, they are trying to project power as well. Ironically using modern weaponry and tactics developed by those they fight against. I agree with Dams, praying will not help. Action will. ISIS and all terrorists need dealt with.
Stand With France.

This will surely lead to a new initiative in the war on terror, lets just try not to **** up the end game this time like my country (the US) unfortunately has in the past.

14-11-2015 21:50:11
(4 years ago)

We need to pray for France, for Russia, for Beirut and for Baghdad, these poor excuses for humans have no respect for human life or for borders in spreading their evil twisted perverted ideologies. Many innocents have fallen to this scourge, and many more are likely to fall to this barbaric backward looking scum. They do not care if you are christian, jew or muslim or if you are black yellow or white, all they care about is enforcing their twisted form of Islam on the world.

14-11-2015 21:20:57
(4 years ago)


14-11-2015 19:32:07
(4 years ago)


14-11-2015 18:15:35
(4 years ago)

Pray for Beirut!!!

14-11-2015 17:39:24
(4 years ago)

i aint gonna pray for paris hilton at all!!!! she got billions of dollars and u expect me to pray fr her? u mad bro? u trolling us bro?

14-11-2015 16:43:02
(4 years ago)

welcome migrants

Welcome everyone fleeing from IS into Europe today!

14-11-2015 16:06:44
(4 years ago)

welcome migrants

14-11-2015 15:40:30
(4 years ago)

It is true this is a tragedy but please read this and realize that this is not happening only in France but allover the world, read more, inform yourselves we are the ones who shall not allow things like this happen!

14-11-2015 15:38:07
(4 years ago)


14-11-2015 14:31:30
(4 years ago)


Belgrade 1999 , France bombing.

Karma is bad thing.

14-11-2015 14:31:10
(4 years ago)


14-11-2015 14:09:59
(4 years ago)


14-11-2015 13:55:19
(4 years ago)

pray will not help anyone.
All world is with France against this horror.
Terrorists: YOU SHALL NOT PASS !

14-11-2015 12:40:45
(4 years ago)

Vive la France!

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