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Hungary the best on Europa :) (Fun)
Posted 1 year ago by

Congratulations Hungary there is no doubt you will win the server, u deserve it, u was fighting all the time since this server started, and in different from Serbia that fight only inactive countries u have fighted with strong countries like Switzerland and Slovakia .
A funny pic

The only thing that i didn't like at Hungary is that they joined the shitty alliance AFN that made this server boring u could beat them all alone those shitty other countries of AFN with help of Turkey and Switzerland.

Anyway Congratulations Hungary the best country on Europa

btw we will see u in Paris EURO 2016 in France I'm from Albania

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Comments (8)
10-12-2015 22:40:41
(1 year ago)

no.... hungary is strong becouse avengers win all his war...

10-12-2015 21:17:22
(1 year ago)

facepalm xD

Italy is strong like all their enemies together.

10-12-2015 14:50:19
(1 year ago)

Slovakia strong country? LOL

09-12-2015 23:41:11
(1 year ago)

I quit afn and tried to change the server but the other side refused it.

09-12-2015 22:13:43
(1 year ago)

yay 1 Wooo hoo 1

Congratulations ! Now you have lifted your citizens to a new height to fight on the Primera server . which is also somewhat dysfunctional lol We have been doing our part by motivating noobies fromm everywhere . in trial battles i give folks equipment to play and have fun ,, under economy of all nations i send motivations and free things .

we have some heaavy donators to the game and their efforts have allowed us as a country to pass out thousands of motivates . That should make Multies happy and And the real players who will be going forward. we have no tanks however our guys fighting skills and business skills have all improved and they stand a pretty good chance of being some of the future leaders despite that handi cap..

You will get a medal for your hard work in Europa and likely some new equipment as you enter primera. ! thats a plus!

Well, good luck. usA is "Vacationing " in Japan lol...

Good luck in primera .

09-12-2015 20:54:33
(1 year ago)


09-12-2015 20:53:16
(1 year ago)

jo bre hahhah po 10 vota fal 3 veq i mora :p

09-12-2015 20:51:17
(1 year ago)

per 2 minuta 13 vota rekord ke thy

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