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Test merge information (Political)
Posted 3 years ago by
Admin news    

Test transfer to testura

Short guide how to merge or transfer your account.
You can go to this page to try test transfer.
Test transfer logs won't change your account on this server.
You can just cancel it whenever you want to.

Transfers to Primera will ba available after gameday 180. Also then you will have a link to account transfer page on edit profile page.
You can check merge schedule for the details.

We have two options for transfers (select box):

Merge - this requires two steps
a) you need to create connection log for merge on testura (destination server link to page on europa )
b) you are transfering your account from europa to testura (link to page on europa )

Transfer - you just need to click through this (link to page on europa )
usually you don't need to write login nor password, so you can leave those fields empty
sometimes it will require you to change login, if you are changing login you need to set new password as well

Below you will find guide with images

Creating merge log on destination server

Creating merge log europa

Transfering account from europa

you can click next and transfer or change login and password for new ones

Other situations

"Got it!" page, whenever you see it you can just click "Got it!", sometimes our server needs to wait a moment for another server to answer

Red messages

Usually the messages will give simple explanation about what is wrong. Just fix the problem.

Most common problems when you are merging accounts:
- forgetting that we need to create connection log on destination server (just go to testura/primera and create it)
- not connecting - you need to click "connect" then wait for the data and click "save" (if account transfer page loads after refreshing and there is no data after 5s then you probably forgot to click save)

Most common problems when you are transfering the accound:
- login is taken - you need to write new login and new password then click "change", after changing your current login will display on the left side of the window
- mail is already in database - you used to have account on testura/primera, you should merge accounts instead of transfering

In other cases please contact us via ingame private messages,

best regards,
e-Sim team

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Comments (18)
14-12-2015 0:38:49
(3 years ago)

um. you never said what's the difference between merge and transfer..


13-12-2015 8:04:09
(3 years ago)

As usual doesnt work:
An error occurred during the transfer, cause: Accounts are not synchronized correctly

12-12-2015 14:37:00
(3 years ago)

Highest daily damage in Europa

12-12-2015 13:39:24
(3 years ago)

Plati porez Picko

12-12-2015 9:29:13
(3 years ago)

smog .... only noobs play test-U-ra

12-12-2015 1:16:12
(3 years ago)

"Gold collected from inviting citizens and payment"
Sure? I can't see it in testura. .

11-12-2015 21:04:28
(3 years ago)

era mai bine daca nu se facea acest lucru

11-12-2015 19:46:32
(3 years ago)

Testura will merge with primera?

11-12-2015 8:46:12
(3 years ago)

http://europa.e-sim.org/article.html?id=8214 First, we should finish the battles at hand and
after the 14 th we should do our best, to fight, fly and trade as best as we can, to improve our equipment.
our Org has lots achievments do they also get a chance to transfer?

11-12-2015 2:48:00
(3 years ago)

Can the same account merge into 2 servers?

11-12-2015 2:18:01
(3 years ago)

So my refgold didn't transfer to TESTURA? Is this normal(this feature is not going to be included for test merges) or that is a real issue?

btw Samej it is true there is mistake but it is a wrong word, in first link should say - "destination server link to page on testura" and not "...europa"

10-12-2015 22:05:59
(3 years ago)

I didn't get any gold :<

10-12-2015 21:42:24
(3 years ago)

I didnt get my gold from refs on testura


10-12-2015 20:16:38
(3 years ago)

I didnt get my gold from refs on testura

10-12-2015 18:52:44
(3 years ago)

um. you never said what's the difference between merge and transfer..

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