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Zero TRADE articles in TOP? (Trade)
Posted 3 years ago by

This is kinda weird to me, considering how many of those we had on Oriental shortly before reset. Anyway if you have some spare items which you'd gladly sell or exchange for specific goods, this might be the place to put your ad at.

I just received 8 pages of drops:
so I'm removing my offer for now

AliReza is trading his Q5 Offhand for a Q5 Vision MAX/DMG :

Hurry up, before they are sold out!



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17-12-2015 6:28:33
(3 years ago)

i will trade this Telescopic sight (#479353)
Q3 Weapon upgrade
* Increase hit by 56
* Reduce miss chance by 3.55%
my off hand i am wearing and my q4 jacket i am wearing for

another q4 with High stats Max max

or a low stat Q5 Max max or critical Max. and if you have a High stat Double max damage i can only offer those things and all my golld which is 13.5
Thank you

17-12-2015 3:52:25
(3 years ago)

ANyone kind enough can donate me some, I havent gotten any.

17-12-2015 0:25:26
(3 years ago)

yea but still not finding good q5 pants or armor

16-12-2015 23:20:49
(3 years ago)

I didn't realize how many items is being sold now, but then I only started fighting on this server 17 hours ago

16-12-2015 18:22:13
(3 years ago)

nice article
btw im trading my and and a q5 vision
interested in q5 pants max and crit stats combined .

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