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The week that nearlly broke the UK - Monday (Political)
Posted 5 years ago by

I was away for 4 days and I came back to see the end of a week of political turmoil. I will be releasing a series of articles with articles, shouts and IRC logs to try and untangle what really happened this week, and how it escalated. It will cumulate in an interview with the two main players. The current President OhhMage and his seemingly political opponent Cem Uzan

For the public, it seemed to have started with the publication of this article on Monday, which seems to make some seemingly simple points. He states that the amount of laws passed without communication is unacceptable. He proposes that there is more communication in parliament, however he also floats the idea for the first time that the UK is not ruled in democracy, but in a “military junta” style regime.
This sparked a huge debate on IRC on Monday. Below are some quotes from the day with some explanation.

BeardyBruin said Cem Uzan I agree with your point about discussing laws, but you seem to be going on a crusade that doesn't need to exist”, showing that Cem is making good points but the public feel he is going about pushing for change in a wrong way.
A lot of insults were seemingly thrown at Cem, and he was even kicked from the public channel. Lendu said “Just because you are in congress, you have no power, you aren’t usefull you just an idiot who wont shut up”, and they Lendu kicked Cem Uzan from #uk.europa. In my mind this is a disgraceful act and should not have taken place.
There was clear support for Cem after his kick, with SoapMacTavish stating “Cem, don’t let anybody make you shut up. Freedom of speech must remain!” He also went on to say “being respected is a right, and respecting others is a must”.
Cem Uzan said“I don’t care who is against me, I will just fight against all who use their seats to gain prestige.” “People have to remember we are here to serve the UK, seats are to serve and not to fill your pockets”
At this point I believe some activity took place in shouts as the next significant message on IRC came from the CP OhhMage saying “If you keep in your desperate attempts to get power, you will be given a permanent ban from this channel. I will not allow you to ruin what I and tommy1boy have built”.If I was around at the time I would have completely distanced myself from this remark, as permanently banning anyone from a public channel because of their views is a disgrace. After more shouts where Cem Uzan spread his propaganda, OhhMage released this on IRC. Cem Uzan you got your warning, you kept spreading lies”. And then “.kb Cem_Uzan” this act meant Cem Uzan was banned from a public channel.
Not only this, but it is clear the CP tried to kick Cem Uzan from the country stating “I contacted Iceland CP and we both tried to make him go there”, with the UK MoD saying “I want him out of the UK”.
OhhMage did receive support from some citizens, with warbo expressing his concern that Cem Uzan could be unbanned. OhhMage I know your joking but please do not unban Cem UzanThe move was also met by condemnation, which itself turned into controversy. johndoe said “unban him. It is a bad precedence to ban someone because he has different meaning and the way he tells the people what he things, OhhMage . It is childish if we cannot face it”. Our MoD then went on the attack saying that johndoe had been “manipulated by Cem Uzan ". johndoe replied saying “nobody can manipulate me”.Saying that someone is manipulated for sticking up for free speech is something I was shocked to see.

Another line of report which I am yet to receive proof of is that OhhMage called (wrong citizen name!) an imbecile and Lendu agreed.

All of this was just a snapshot of what happened on Monday, the first day of the saga. I will be releasing a couple more articles today and tomorrow with the details of what happened between Tuesday and Friday.

** I explored finding a good format for this but I could not find it so for the time being you will have to put up with this format. All logs can be viewed on request to me **

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Comments (7)
04-08-2015 0:38:36
(5 years ago)

I'm just going to leave this here. Ireland never bothered you. We were contently existing in our little corner, helping our allies, etc.

What I and ppdanny could not abide, was the indirect threat of hostility of letting Iceland sit on our border, with the intent to attempt to subjugate our nation. Regardless of how you in the UK feel about us, what we did was justly deserved, in defense of our sovereignty and to make a very large point to the UK's public.

We're a fraction of both countries' size, and we still managed to fight two campaigns and win them both, without major alliance support, due to our organization.

Look, we all get it over here. Getting free gold every month for a couple of useless regions seems like a no brainer, but coming into our channel to complain about us retaliating in equal measure, seemed like an exercise in completely missing the point.

We were threatened and we responded. Full stop.

03-08-2015 16:05:44
(5 years ago)

I think you did not only wrote this article to notify people and cleanse your name, but also to gain different sights of view. It seems to me that the reigning CP is leading passionately but made mistakes. The comments and actions weren't posted perfect into context, so I will not burn my hands on stating that the mistakes are reasonable grounds for impeachment or not.
Lendu, the MoD, just seems to me as a complete incapable person to forfill the job he has. The way he reasons and displays the results of it, he seems as a short-sighted person who lacks some intelligence.

03-08-2015 12:39:37
(5 years ago)

Some people thinks they won the country. Not surprised

02-08-2015 15:18:05
(5 years ago)

OhhhMage is a noob... I have seen how he talked to with ireland CP , I dont understand why he havent been impeached yet , pluz your MoD is a joke , "I dont want him in UK"
Dafuq is that , you have no right to kick someone from your country , your better than no one , your a joke.

02-08-2015 12:49:03
(5 years ago)

Lol tomy you got the whole thing wrong XD he was kicked for causing so much crisis when told to just discuss it, and i said that because he purposely pissed me off XD. btw, i did not kick and ban him from uk.europa.
How About you try run a company you destoryed tommy, no offence, you did what you can but you were way to inactive. Yes some people create false accusations, one of cems articless that he had was actually deleted for all the lies he said, either by him or a GO.
Now do you get to the point in IRC when we have jokes with him about his article saying that mage got arrested? or to where i say he has good points but pushes them wrongly. Sometimes people have good and bad days, i say if your going to be a girl about the past and cause problems that has died down. your the person in the wrong.

I wish there was an downvote button.

02-08-2015 11:38:15
(5 years ago)

If someone slandered me yes I would get angry, but it does not mean I can ban someone from the channel because there is no real slander, just a differing of opinion

02-08-2015 10:07:56
(5 years ago)

Erm what is the point of this actually? From a neutral standpoint it seems like the truth is that the government is at fault. But did you highlight what angered OhhMage to make certain comments? Just curious, when someone is slandering you, what would you do?

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