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CP Candidature (Political)
Posted 4 years ago by

I have decided to run again for CP, but this time I am going to be doing it differently. My cabinet will consist of people who all know how 2 run their specific area.

President - tommy1boy

* I will present and publish the British Bill Of Rights
* Will write weekly Presidential Adresses
* I will remain as President until the next Presidential Elections
* I will explore the idea of a House of Lords (for non congress members who want a say in how the UK is run) (This is just an idea for now)

Defence - Lendu

* BH Tax of 1 Gold will remain on the following types of battles - League + UK Battles + Battles in the French / PT War (Including Spain RWs)
* There will be no entry fee
* Members must work in Commune and we will continue to grow and expand

Foreign Affairs - OhhMage

* Continue our strong partnership in The Union
* Push for friendlier relations with the countries of the late Till The Death
* Do not renew the deal where Iceland rented the 2 regions from the UK
* Do everything in my power to

Congress Leader - SoapMacTavish

* Will help organise weekly congress meetings
* Will help organise weekly country meetings
* Will be the port of call between Congress and Government + Congress and The People

I know that political opponents will rip this apart, so I say bring it on.
I left for one week and I saw the UK begin to rip itself apart. I will stand by the UK until the end and will make sure the UK gets what is best for them.

Good Luck to everyone candidating

2x CP of the UK

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Comments (5)
03-08-2015 18:36:09
(4 years ago)

Yet you were elected president twice by the congress , first time you initiated the law that impeached the first president of the UK of this server ( it was a good thing too considering the way he got the office ) and a second time 20 days ago after the fiasco of impeaching 5 yes 5 presidents ( 2 deserved it and got banned by the GO ) and 2 of which you agreed with their positions regarding the politics of the UK ... After all that, WE the people expected from the government stability and prosperity of the UK. Well 12 days later you asked to be impeached and left the office due to some personal issues ( I am sorry about that btw ) well that was the turn of events that lead here , we can agree that it was a good thing or disagree it does not matter but it all adds up until yesterday. Yesterday you wrote this article and signed up for the presidential elections. Well THIS does not add up to the events that led us here!!! Something is fishy !

03-08-2015 18:01:54
(4 years ago)

Mandela I remind you I have never stood in a presidential election on this server.

03-08-2015 16:11:56
(4 years ago)

Excuse me mr president / ex president / wannabe president ..
WHY do you run again for CP after leaving for personal reasons just 8 days ago and this after being president for only 11 days, after the fiasco with the endless impeachments so you can become president again ( not elected by the people!!! ) that started 26 days ago ?!?
WHY do you want this so bad ?!? Get to be CP , stay that way for a few days then come up with an excuse to leave ? Meanwhile tons of people did not received supplies after working for the British Armed Forces.Oh yes you present yourself as the ultimate savior of the UK. You might be able to fool some people in believing you but actions speak louder then words and your actions prove that you want some sort of a personal gain from all this!
I say to the people : Give someone else a chance to at least try and break this endless circle of corrupt politics !! Do not know who that person should be. But for sure NOT you !! No vote from me!

03-08-2015 8:57:03
(4 years ago)

I trust OhhMage as he managed to keep the UK from going under when I left office and political foes were screaming at him from all angles. In fairness after seeing the conversation both sides were a little abrupt and out of the ordinary in what they said. But remember we are in the enemy alliance


02-08-2015 23:42:53
(4 years ago)

OhhhMage as MoFA?
He was the one that destroyed relations with ireland :/ after he threatned Ireland CP
I would so support your candidature , if that noob wasnt there :/

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