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The North Sea War (Political)
Posted 4 years ago by

Hello. I am sitting here in the UK Neutral office after 2 days of travelling across the countries around the North Sea to report back to you the real humanitarian crisis going on in the countries where war is being fought every day and every night.

My first stop was Smaland Scania. A small Swedish county on the border between Sweden and Denmark. It was at this place 15 days ago when skirmishes were reported between the forces of Sweden and Denmark over where exactly the border should be. Less then 24 hours later Sweden had declared war on Denmark and forces from around the allied countries in the Baltics where marching towards the Danish border in Smaland Scania. The first battle took place almost straight away with allied forces charging across the Øresund Bridge, however they did not get much further. Just 20 hours later the soldiers of Denmark, heavily supported with troops from Poland and Turkey, pushed the allied forces back across the bridge and back into Smaland Scania. Since that day Danish troops have pushed through Sweden, across their capital into the very North East of Sweden. Denmark completely conquered Sweden. Whilst this is going on, there are innocent women and children being starved out of food and violently abused. I have seen first hand the abuse that these Swedish women are suffering every day whilst under occupation from Denmark. The Danish forces and his allies are murdering children and kidnapping women to act as slaves. This cannot and must not go on. Below you can see exactly what I witnessed whilst in Smaland Scania, the gateway between the two countries.

Sadly, however, this is not the biggest humanitarian crisis caused because of this war.

7 days after Sweden first attacked, the countries of the United Kingdom and Iceland intervened, both declaring war on Denmark. They both attacked Swedish territory under occupation from Danish troops, and lost heavily. Since then Danish forces, with major help from their allies, have pushed through Norway and into the cores of the United Kingdom and Iceland. Norway has been ravaged by war since the UK first attacked, but never have things been this bad. During British occupation, the people of Norway have received enough supplies to live on, clean food and water, good education but crucially the best of British health care. Since Denmark invaded, supplies have been scarce and Norwegian people have been starving. Because of the British occupation, many British farmers moved to Norway to take advantage of their rich soil. When war was declared between Denmark and the UK, all farmers were given the opportunity to leave but many decided to stay to make sure the people of Norway did not starve. I spoke with one farmer in Sorlandet who was looking after 6
families. He said that he could not live with himself if he had left them. He also spoke of the heartbreak that was being suffered as Danish troops pushed through Norway, but it was noted that many Danish soldiers were only carrying out orders, and did not want to harm the women and children.

My last stop was in the port of Austurland in Iceland. 5 days ago it was attacked by a huge navy made up of mainly Danish and Polish troops landed in Austurland. I spoke with an insider in the Polish army who told me that all of the navy was instructed to burn everything in the port till there was nothing left. When I questioned him as to why they think this is, he said
probably because the AFN troops are already too stretched, we were told to burn everything so it would be very hard for Iceland to mount a comeback if we had to retreat or we were captured. When we landed in Iceland all of our navy was shipped back to the Norwegian coast, leaving us on our own with just a gun and 3 rounds of ammunition. It felt like World War 2 and the way the Russian troops were treated by their leaders.
I showed this to a British official who said that is what the intelligence received at MI6 was showing us, and that is proved the allies would soon be on the winning side of the war. Austurland is now fully run by Danish officials, however I was today contacted by my contact in the Polish army. He told me that there was serious spats between the Polish and Danish authorities about who should run the former port town, and that tensions between the two armies were reaching boiling point across the North Atlantic. He also said that two boats had pulled up in Austurland and that most of the supplies for the soldiers were being loaded up onto those boats. I have also learnt that leaders of the armies were on these boats as they were evacuated from Iceland, leaving soldiers there to fight till the bitter end.

Below we have an artists impression of what the scene in Austurland is

In the coming days I hope to have an interview with some of the military leaders involved in the North Sea War to try and decipher just what is going on, and if there is an end in sight.

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Pity I can not see the images ...

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(4 years ago)

Mate there why did you put photo of starving African people in the story of Europe ? it shows that how African people suffers in the west .......... sad reality

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too lazy to read this

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A brilliant piece of objective observation and investigative journalism.

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