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Open Letter to the British Public (Political)
Posted 4 years ago by

Hello. As you are probably aware, I will be standing for President of the United Kingdom on the 5th of August. I want you to vote for me and join me in starting a political revolution.

If I am elected as your CP, I will be making the every single citizen in the UK has a voice. I will be creating a google doc where normal citizens can post whatever the hell they like about the UK and how they can make it better. This doc will be studied by government members and any ideas posted there will be listened to. I will also be creating a weekly country meeting, which will explore some of the ideas in that doc, but also those put forward by government and congress. I cannot promise that this will happen straight away, but it will be done by the party elections on the 15th.

If you are interested in joining me and voting for me on the 5th then please mail me any questions you have or any way you feel the UK can be improved.

NB – For those of you that are in the MU I will make sure there is no entry fee and the 1gold BH would only remain on UK Prio battles. I am not sure if it will stay for the League at the moment. You can see my full plans here


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Comments (6)
03-08-2015 23:58:14
(4 years ago)

circle of corrupt means mismanagement, tommy1boy , mandela never accused you for corruption in his comment

03-08-2015 17:31:03
(4 years ago)

First of all how about an answer to my INITIAL question ?
Then read again what I wrote...
"Give someone else a chance to at least try and break this endless circle of corrupt politics"
I did not say YOU were corrupt but THE circle is corrupt !!!
and about you personally I said "your actions prove that you want some sort of a personal gain from all this! "

03-08-2015 17:28:18
(4 years ago)

Mandela, let me know when you have evidence of my corruption because I would love to read it and see it.

03-08-2015 16:05:07
(4 years ago)

Excuse me mr president / ex president / wannabe president ..
WHY do you run again for CP after leaving for personal reasons just 8 days ago and this after being president for only 11 days, after the fiasco with the endless impeachments so you can become president again ( not elected by the people!!! ) that started 26 days ago ?!?
WHY do you want this so bad ?!? Get to be CP , stay that way for a few days then come up with an excuse to leave ? Meanwhile tons of people did not received supplies after working for the British Armed Forces .. Oh yes you present yourself as the ultimate savior of the UK. You might be able to fool some people in believing you but actions speak louder then words and your actions prove that you want some sort of a personal gain from all this!
I say to the people : Give someone else a chance to at least try and break this endless circle of corrupt politics !! Do not know who that person is and I do not care. I will wait and judge his/hers actions after.

03-08-2015 12:01:50
(4 years ago)

the shithawks are watching

03-08-2015 11:31:27
(4 years ago)

link at the bottom does not work

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