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YMK For President? Your having a laugh! (Political)
Posted 5 years ago by

Today I am going to pick a part YMK's agenda for the next term, and find how all of these changes will be funded.

- A Non-Commune Military Unit

This is something that I have personally championed for since my term in office, as have many Presidents. It is, however, all widely agreed that it is a very expensive business. He does not explain how he will fund the Military Unit. Creating the MU will cost 50 gold, however to buy more slots and to upgrade it will all cost money. To have a 25 member MU at a regular standard, the country will have to pay 350 gold. This money can not be plucked out of thin air. Yes, the country has this amount of money in the orgs, however this is 350 gold that we can never get back. I would surely suggest that we use this 350 gold in a way that will make a profit, so that the 350 gold we make from that can go to a MU. 350 Gold is a lot of money, and it is money that will come from the British public's pocket.

- Supplies could be increased

Again, everyone wants supplies in the Military Unit to increase, but that is expensive. To increase supplies, would mean hiring more workers, upgrading raw companies and completely restructuring of all MU Companies. Possible even buying more companies. I estimate that this will cost around 200 - 300 gold. This gold has to come from somewhere, and it will come from your pocket, even if you are not from the Military Unit.

- The Bank of England

The Bank is currently facing a funding crisis, and therefore without more funding it can not carry on. I would like to know how he would get more people to deposit there money in the bank?

These are just 3 points that YMK needs to address how he will achieve the 600 gold funding gap in just 2 pledges. It is also clear that as the course of his term we could get into heavy debt, spending more then we make. If this happens, this country could end up like Ukraine or Denmark. Dead!

tommy1boy - MoFA for the UK and ex CP x2

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Comments (6)
03-09-2015 13:18:42
(5 years ago)

@MirJ not sure what your on about to be honest

03-09-2015 12:51:31
(5 years ago)

We already have a few private mu's maybe one of them would be willing to help out and become a state mu. it might have a start up cost if u create a new one but there would be a captive work force for the state or private companys to use maybe the companys can give a small % of products to mu to help it grow. if u ask the people they may be willing to help with it. i recently stoped being a selfish player and now work for my mu, making a personal loss to provide free grain to my mu so it can turn a profit and grow.

im guessing higher interest would attract savers to the BOE. some one mentioned that fractional banking could be used here. if we impliment that it would alow for money creation to be used in loans.

03-09-2015 11:42:15
(5 years ago)

kids fighting for power...... U all r Cry baby and key board warrior. Imagine if I was running for president ..... few of u would commit suicide. hahhahha.......

03-09-2015 3:38:02
(5 years ago)

as agree most what u said, you are in error of the cost of 25 member regular MU it cost 250 gold not 350, it it 10 gold per slot, that price does not change with new mu or not.

02-09-2015 21:41:09
(5 years ago)

Or you can buy the top gold pack with a 60/50% bonus and there won't be a problem


02-09-2015 18:26:40
(5 years ago)

Will soon reply with a Perfect Reason , this has made me aware of the situation and I dont have a MoF currently which disturbs me to discuss the matter with .

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