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Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Political)
Posted 4 years ago by

Good Morning.

The United Kingdom has been a member of The Union since its formation many months ago, and in it we have gone from strength to strength. We have gone from having only two cores, to controlling Norway, Denmark and nearly Iceland as well. Iceland are allowing the UK to take their cores so that we can continue to grow our economy. Iceland will remain a member of The Union.

The UK Politics Program
Every political season goes by and we see less people going into politics. This saddens me as it will mean eventually we will have no one to run our country. Today I can announce the formation of the Diplomat Program. This Program is open to every single UK citizen. Because of time constraints, I cannot take on board everyone. Therefore, I will be taking on 2 people for 1 week each. I am hoping by the end of the term I have a team of between 2-8 people which are ready to go into by the end of the term. I also publicly invite all government members to offer me their services to help teach these people. This program will come under the big umbrella of the New People Program.

The New People Program
There is going to be a couple of main areas to this program.
- Tutorial
- UK Politics Program
- Mentoring Scheme
- Equipment / Gifts Scheme
- Writers Award

I am recruiting good article writers to write tutorials. I have a list of areas in which tutorials need writing, and if you think you can write one then please get in contact. I am trying to get some sort of award for everyone that writes a tutorial. I will write more about this in the coming days. I want all tutorials written by the next congress elections.
I have spoken with some people, but I am looking for a team of experienced players to mentor new people about playing the game. It will mostly be about answering questions that new people have. If you are interested in helping me then please mail me ASAP/
I will also Sophie to talk about this as she is the one who wants to run this program.
Writers Award
This is an award that is given to anyone who writes a really good article. If you write an article that gets over 15 votes, then you will be awarded with 2 gold. Also, if you have not got a newspaper, you can apply for a 2 gold grant to make a newspaper. To do this you must mail me a sample article. If I or another member of gov likes it, you will get the gold. Due to the budget, I will be putting a limit on 5 newspapers, and 10 articles.

Foreign Affairs
The UK remains in The Union and has a great relation with all of its members.

If anyone has anything they need, please feel free to mail me.

tommy1boy - MoFA for the UK

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Comments (6)
07-09-2015 21:34:08
(4 years ago)

Very good

07-09-2015 21:29:44
(4 years ago)

Good idea, I hope everything goes well.

06-09-2015 19:56:43
(4 years ago)

stealing my idea boy lol

06-09-2015 19:23:15
(4 years ago)

er , the young people that use all the icons and flages and tables and pictures should do well.

Good luck everyone your e-sin UK need your skills too !

06-09-2015 15:33:35
(4 years ago)

comment for mission

06-09-2015 13:11:17
(4 years ago)

Every political season goes by and we see less people going into politics.

You scared the sh*t out of the old one

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