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Foreign Affairs Statement - 08/09/15 - Croatian War (Political)
Posted 4 years ago by

* Official Spokesmen for Foreign Affairs Mr tommy1boy *

I have today met at length with our President to discuss the situation. We have agreed that an emergency session of congress will be called for 20:00 server time on Wednesday. All congress and government members will be invited, as well as notable citizens of the UK. This will be followed by a country meeting the same day at 21:00 time (time may vary). All congress members are expect to attend and if that is not possible, they should mail me personally a reason why they cannot attend.

The President has also expressed her concern that bar from the failed DoW, we had no idea that this could happen. The Foreign Ministry will be meeting with members congress and experienced players to discuss ways to combat this lack of information.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry would like to re-assure the public that it will do what it can to make sure that the UK will beat Croatia or any other aggressor that tries to attack our sacred land.

tommy1boy - Minister of Foreign Affairs for the United Kingdom

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