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#PrayForParis (Political)
Posted 4 years ago by

Paris has been rocked by yet another terrorist attack. At least 128 innocent civilians, going about their Friday night as normal, killed by a group of heinous terrorists.

These people do not represent any race or religion. Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing. The people of the Free World will find you and finish you off.

The British people stand behind the French people, and will do until the end of time.

For Liberté, égalité and fraternité


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Comments (31)
19-11-2015 21:22:13
(4 years ago)

What about the bombardments they did? Hmm they bombed the IS first so their own fault

19-11-2015 9:56:57
(4 years ago)

v for mission

16-11-2015 9:46:09
(4 years ago)

15-11-2015 23:41:17
(4 years ago)

generationEFX > no ... this is the biggest attentat of the year. Anyway the coutries, this is attentat , not war

15-11-2015 22:49:27
(4 years ago)

chrzaszczyrzewoszyczanin +1

15-11-2015 19:04:53
(4 years ago)


15-11-2015 18:19:52
(4 years ago)

+1 Generation.

15-11-2015 15:25:34
(4 years ago)


15-11-2015 13:30:16
(4 years ago)



15-11-2015 13:28:00
(4 years ago)




15-11-2015 13:26:14
(4 years ago)

OMG, Can't you see that ISIS is an invent of the US Army? and others nations to take control of the middle East?
Search for the word terrorist, it was created by the fu**ing US Gouvernment to attack counrys and gain possesion over their resources.
This is just another play from the Elite to stain the ME reputation, and their won't stop till they get everything they want.

I'm really sorry for the dead people of yesterday, and more sorry for the thousand of deaths of innocent people of the middle east.

If you gonna pray, pray for this gouvs to stop their ambition and leave the people live their lifes.

Enough said.

15-11-2015 12:12:32
(4 years ago)

Yesterday 100 innocent dead in Lebanon Attack, 500 innocent dead in Palestine, 200 Dead In Yemen, last year 400,000 dead in Syria, 5 years ago 1.5 million dead in iraq, Yet No one Says Word , The world Stands silent. And In Paris Attack Yesterday 150 Dead And World Goes Crazy . Obama's statement after attacks in Paris: "This is an attack not just on Paris...this is an attack on all of humanity" Mr . Obama Wake up Humanity Has Been Getting Attacked and it died long time ago. R.I.P To All those innocents Who Died In Paris Attack Today, and R.I.P To All Those innocent lives Who were never Mentioned In The Attacks , and Still Being Killed and not Being Mentioned

15-11-2015 10:44:44
(4 years ago)

Its just strategy..

15-11-2015 2:11:24
(4 years ago)

#gign kill them all please!

14-11-2015 23:07:54
(4 years ago)

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