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Presidential Candidature - November 2015 (Political)
Posted 4 years ago by

I have closed comments so that an argument does not commence. If you have any questions for me you can mail them to me and I will put them in the bottom of the article

For those that do not want to read it, my 5 main points are at the bottom of the article

Hello. Many of you will think of me as the person who left Britain when I did not get my own way, I want to tell you why I really left, and why I said I left at the time. At the time I was the Minister of Foreign Affairs and, as such, I would expect a say in the biggest Foreign Affairs decisions of the political term. The President did not involve me in the decision to form a new alliance and abandon our allies, simply because she knew I would be against it. Now do not get me wrong, as President Sophie did wonders for our economy, and with the help of her government she brought success internally in Britain, however on the international stage she failed. I want to become President so that I can rebuild our relations with France, and other nations, whilst making sure we are not left out in the rain.

Anyone that knows me will know that finance is not my area of expertise. If I was to become President, I would request that Safewater runs the financial sector of Britain. This is because they have vast experience in the area and I know that our finances will be safe in their hand. I would like to make sure that week on week the government is making money from the companies we have, if that is possible.

Our Defence sector has also been in relatively good hands over the past couple of months. If I was to become President I would ask Lendu to become the Minister of Defence. Lendu has been the Minister of Defence before and has been involved in government almost since Day 3 on Europa. I will have no trouble in allowing Lendu to carry out his role with minimum supervision. My aim in this sector will be to see damage increase week on week from our national Military Unit.

Whilst I took my holiday in France, I built up a good relation with many world leaders, therefore I will be running the Foreign Affairs Ministry. I will be helped by TiagoACS1298 . My aim is to restore relations with France, the Netherlands and Sweden, as well as creating new relations with those countries that wish to form relations with us. I will also be making sure we regain all of our colonies. This will allow us to increase our financial sector. In the interest of fairness and greater democracy, I will be asking congress to vote on our membership of Night Owls, and I will put forward my case as to why we should leave this alliance.

For me, this is a role that new people should be taking on every month. This means that people can begin to get experience in government. vastag08 will be the Minister of Home Affairs. This person will be releasing a competition every Sunday. Safewater will also continue with his scheme regarding equipment.

After this Presidential Election, we will have just one left. I am going to be creating a small team of people who will prepare the UK for the merge between the two servers. I will be asking Tulip Farella to head up this team, as she is the President of Britain on Primera. She will be making sure we have a smooth transition between the merge. I believe that over the past term Safewater has been working on the merge, so I would ask he does the stuff on this side, whilst Tulip Farella leaders the charge on Primera

The official cabinet will be as follows:
President – tommy1boy
Vice President – Lendu
Minister of Finance – Safewater
Minister of Defence – Lendu
Minister of Foreign Affairs – tommy1boy and TiagoACS1298
Minister of Home Affairs – vastag08

I have hired a couple of these people to help the country. They will be assigned to a government minister and that minister can choose what the MWP does. This is just to help the country going when people are not around.

Overall I will be standing on the following 5 points:
- Continuing on the line of economic prosperity.
- Preparing for the merge.
- Creating weekly competitions so people have an incentive to play.
- Rebuilding our relationship with France and allowing Britain to be put back on the map.
- Holding a Congress Vote on our membership of Night Owls.

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