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Penny Stock Market Ltd


Chairman (CEO)
Czech Republic
Total Shares:220
Estimated value:
50.01 Gold (Details | Refresh)
Estimated value per share:
0.23 Gold
Daily shares trade value:
0.00 Gold
Total shareholders:9
Total companies:0

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Company statute

Penny Stock Market Ltd
Questa SC è chiusa causa Merge. Ultimo movimento: Day 153.
1° month
2° month

Vi basti solo questo. Qui si guadagnano gold. Se volete sapere come, investite e vedrete. Pm per informazioni.

Il numero massimo di azioni è 220 unità e una volta raggiunti ogni gold sopra il 500 sarà distribuito settimanalmente.
Non saranno emesse nuove azioni.

In poco più di un mese di vita abbiamo guadagnato più di 1500g!

Day 98 - 30 g pagati.
Day 119 - 100 g pagati.
Day 126 - 100 g pagati.
Day 133 - 100 g pagati.
Day 140 - 100 g pagati.
Day 147 - 300 g pagati.
Day 153 - 400 g pagati.


Penny Stock Market Ltd
This SC is closed because of Merge. Last action: Day 153.
1° month
2° month

Just This. Here we earn gold. Invest and you will see. Pm for info.

The maximun number of shares is 220 units and once we have reached this value, every gold above 500 will be paid weekly.
No new shares will be issued.

In less than a month of life we gained more than 1500g!

Day 98 - 30 g paid.
Day 119 - 100 g paid.
Day 126 - 100 g paid.
Day 133 - 100 g paid.
Day 140 - 100 g paid.
Day 147 - 300 g paid.
Day 153 - 400 g paid.

Stock price:


Type Status Time
Pay dividend Accepted 4 years ago
Change company description Accepted 4 years ago
Pay dividend Accepted 4 years ago
Poll Accepted 4 years ago
Change company description Accepted 4 years ago

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Citizen Role
dinamozgb28 Supply manager
AcCende CEO
AcCende Company manager
AcCende Supply manager
AcCende Accountant
dinamozgb28 Company manager


Company Type Location
No companies


I am proposing a poll act about this.
New shares will be issued at the price of 5.0-5.5 g each one.
Anyway my opinion is not to issue new shares because of merge. Indeed this sc will be ...
AcCende (CEO) posted 4 years ago

When will there be new shares to buy?
MasterGasten (Citizen) posted 4 years ago

Good luck guys
Hilimili (Citizen) posted 4 years ago

Day 115 - We have existed for just 28 and we passed quota 500 gold of value! This is our storyline!
Soon there will be a poll act to decide about dividends as written below!
AcCende (CEO) posted 4 years ago

Day 107 - We passed quota 400 gold and we earned 50 gold in a day!
Three weeks ago we had just 90 gold! Quota 500 gold is near! Good moment to invest in Penny Stock Market Ltd! Stay tuned for news!
AcCende (CEO) posted 4 years ago

Day 103 - We passed quota 300 gold of share company value! in just 2 weeks we earned 250 gold! We have already paid 30 gold of dividends!
AcCende (CEO) posted 4 years ago

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3 years ago
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4 years ago
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4 years ago
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4 years ago
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4 years ago
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4 years ago
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178 (80.91%)
17 (7.73%)
10 (4.55%)
5 (2.27%)
Roki Rora
4 (1.82%)
3 (1.36%)
1 (0.45%)
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