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Presidential Address - 30/06/15 (Political)
Posted 5 years ago by
United Kingdom Org    

Good Morning. Today I wish to address a few issues which have been talked about in this country over the past few days.

Firstly I would like to express the condolences of this government and the entire UK to the families of those affected in last Friday's terrorist attack, such acts will not be tolerated anywhere in the world against British citizens.

Today I announced the Ministry of Finance would be making a statement to the British people on issues to do with Finance. I look forward to reading his statement and seeing the response of the British people. I have seen numerous complaints about the work of this government in regards to the issues which the Ministry of Finance takes charge of. I can also announce I will be speaking with my Finance Minister to include other people in the decision making of the Finance. As previously stated in my statement earlier, if you have a question for the Minister, mail them to me and rest assured I will get them answered.

As you know, we have no set Minister of Foreign Affairs as myself and the Secretary of State are taking on the role. Tomorrow I set off on a tour around Europe to create more friendly relations with countries, especially those in the alliance of Aurora. I hope to report back on Saturday afternoon with some good news on the matter.

Over the past few days, France and Italy have been fighting a ping pong war. After talks between those two nations, it is clearly apparent there will be no peace between them in the coming days. Therefore I have been once again timing our wars with those of their battles. Once we have taken the Norwegian capital, I will not be attacking any more regions until I am confident that France is safe. This will prove a controversial decision to some, but whilst I am the leader of this country, I expect our people to be helping France against the barbaric regime of Italy.

As I leave tomorrow for the state of Lithuania to begin talks with other presidents, I have this message to anyone around Europe. If you want to work with us, and be our friend then contact me, if you want to stay neutral to us, leave us alone. If you want to fight our allies, injure our friends and kill our soldiers, then you will have a hell of a fight on your hands. I will not stand by and let our allies fall, all of the UK will fight against you with their last breath, and with their last bullet. The UK will not let a friend fall.

Should anyone have any questions, I will be on IRC tomorrow morning and tomorrow evening.

tommy1boy - President of the UK

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(5 years ago)


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29-06-2015 20:51:00
(5 years ago)

tommy1boy : Leave Sweden to me if we want to talk to them.
About the minister of Fiance I must say I had a talk with him last night and there I believed in his skills so if it's not Pathogen we better let him do his job and without any interruption.
As a man with experience about foreign affairs I would like to help or advising about foreign affairs beside my position as minister of Home affairs.
The last thing I expect you is that please make a brief statement of what will happen the next month 5th


29-06-2015 20:14:56
(5 years ago)

Sure thing!

29-06-2015 19:44:31
(5 years ago)

Nigel Farage - I would love you to contact me tomorow on IRC so we can speak if you will be around?

29-06-2015 19:31:25
(5 years ago)

Good Luck in your tour. I can offer to be a middle man in talks with Latvia as I have close relationships with the presidents and the people.

29-06-2015 19:28:01
(5 years ago)

the barbaric regime of Italy

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