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the user id info ..that gonna look like stats in a box with your name on it... thats half the job done.
go thru the BS now for Primera above. then when it says connect it takes a while then it works.
i wanna see about transfering the Org too.

When you check into primera and see your equipment ok..click on the Got it button. it sure is a royal pain in the derriere as the French say.
read this set of directions again. http://europa.e-sim.org/article.html?id=8312
United Kingdom Org posted 4 years ago

quote from a friend"
"no problem bro. it is nice to help ppl because gold is not that important and friends & having fun playing game is. "
The other is along similar thoughts for the layersin Europa. he basically wants to say , "Lets get the gold out to our People"and thank all of you for being who you are.
I am going to do as much as I can to make certain you are experienced new players in Primera who knows something about the game. if i dont pass out again come leauge you will see xtra stuff.
United Kingdom Org posted 4 years ago

guys we have had to make corrections in our dispersements all of us have to redouble our efforts . Including me .
Back then, when we had more hands, the work was lighter. please do not feel bad about this pay change at the moment even it may prove unsustainable.
United Kingdom Org posted 4 years ago

On Saturday 14:00 server time there will be the last league
On Monday 23:59:59 players will get their rewards and account transfers will be on
United Kingdom Org posted 4 years ago

Currently we are holding on to our Economy within the MU.
our wages right now are far beyond any value that could be subscribed to them. There are countries that dont even have q1 food. its pathetic buh thats Mercantile Ware Fare for you.

Please remember all these things the Bitter and the Sweet.

We still have a few like 17 days or something to do stuff :fight trade and Fly for pants and Shoes ! dont forget that one!

SO dont just quit stop in work and see to getting better eq. o7

United Kingdom Org posted 4 years ago

EVENT Team Nationals CUP.
it not looky hopeless just no looky too good.
Guns are a real issue right now. i used to buy 2000+ a week or so
Havenn't seen 2000 +to buy in over a month. so sales of guns from Org cannot happen.supplying Both MU's workers is not so easy.
hope you Have a med kit soon and re good at kung fu.7 BAF Weapons 1.1
United Kingdom Org posted 4 years ago

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