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Urgent Presidential Adress (Political)
Posted 5 years ago by
United Kingdom Org    

Good evening. The United Kingdom was placed into this world with a high diamond, something which is abundant around our world. The UK wants to gain other resources to become a great nation. As a result the government of our nation has made a declaration of war against Norway.

To understand why we only just attacked, you must look back at the first days of Europa. I approached Iceland for friendly relations and they accepted. After days of debating, Till The Death was formed. This was done under the shadow of the attack on France by Italy.

It was at that point that I made the decision to hold off our attack on Norway to help France, a decision I will stand by until my last breathe is gone.

Our brave soldiers travelled through the night to the French front line, where they met Icelandic, French, Dutch and Belgian troops all fighting against the one enemy trying to harm the pretences of freedom.

After speaking with my counterparts across the allied nations we decided to attack Norway. This is the UKs call to arms.

We need all of you out there fighting for the UK in Norway so we can become the power house we have always wanted to be. No nation will ever underestimate us again.

As our troops fly from the south of France to HMS Haynes off the coast of Norway, those left behind in the UK should grab their coats and hire some boats. If we work as one unit we can defeat the enemy. This is war, and we can't win without you.

If you have any questions please mail your president and I nearly always around to answer questions.

Your President - tommy1boy

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26-06-2015 3:17:39
(5 years ago)

and ofc thanks for the french battle !

26-06-2015 3:10:04
(5 years ago)

26-06-2015 1:31:47
(5 years ago)

HMS Haynes
love it

26-06-2015 1:29:10
(5 years ago)


25-06-2015 20:53:12
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25-06-2015 20:21:42
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25-06-2015 19:50:49
(5 years ago)

o/ Till The Death!

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